SCETV, run by conservative extremists, airing a sandwich show instead of Trapped

by jovan1984


Columbia — South Carolina hates women.

That’s the clear message being sent – not just from Nikki Haley and Lee Bright – but also from the state’s very own public broadcasting station that’s overrun with ultraconservative donors.

The most useless group of PBS affiliates in the history of the US will air Sandwiches That You Will Like instead of Trapped, the latter of which an outright majority of South Carolinians wanted to watch, at 22:00 Monday (photo of DirecTV guide above).

And not one person at SCETV is talking about their immoral decision.

Let them hear it from you.

Send them tweets at @SCETV and call their office at 737-3200 and demand that they air Trapped or else you will no longer donate to SCETV!

Update at 22:03: WCES-HD, one of the 46 low-band VHF stations nationwide and a Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB) affiliate, is also refusing to air Trapped on Monday night. They instead will air The Queen’s Castle. Image of guide is via my Alcatel Fierce XL with Windows 10. Tweet to GPB and ask them why are they allowing local stations to preempt Trapped.


UPDATE at 14:18: It’s come to our attention that Savannah’s WVAN, the local GPB affiliate for Allendale, Bulloch, Hampton, Jenkins and Screven counties, is also refusing to air Trapped. Like WCES, WVAN will air The Queen’s Castle at 22:00 Monday. Screenshot of guide via Zap2It:


H/T @TrappedDoc