Here are the mugshots of Brock Turner law enforcement didn’t want you to see

by jovan1984

Santa Clara, Calif. — It took a while, but after #NoMugshot trended on Twitter in light of the rape conviction of Brock Turner, two were delivered after 16 months.

Amelia McDonell-Parry, the editor-in-chief of the Frisky and a contributor to the Investigation Discovery (ID) blog, tore apart the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department and the Stanford University Department of Public Safety for not posting the mug when he was arrested on January 18, 2015 for raping a co-ed.

AMP wrote:

As I was researching this article, I noticed that none of the news articles about the case were accompanied by Brock Turner’s mugshot, instead using photos of him provided by Stanford University, culled from Turner’s social-media profiles, or pictures taken during trial. Digging a little deeper, I was surprised to discover that Brock Turner’s mug shot does not exist online at all, and seemingly was never released to the public by either the Stanford University Department of Public Safety, which arrested Turner; or the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department, which booked him. (Others have noticed this as well, using the hashtag #NoMugShot on Twitter.) Given that Turner was not underage at the time of his arrest, and was subsequently charged and prosecuted, it’s unusual that his mug shot photo has never been made public.

It’s unclear why Brock Turner’s mug shot has been withheld for the last 16+ months since his arrest. But the investigation is over now, and he has been charged, prosecuted, and found guilty of the crimes he was arrested for, and in theory, any such exemption no longer applies.

Anyways, they relented about 17:00 EDT Monday and released a duo of mugshots. The one on the left is from Sunday, January 18, 2015. The one on the right is from Thursday, June 2.

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