This video shows why cops should be aggressively enforcing speed limit laws and ticketing anyone who goes 0.05 mph above the posted speed limits

by jovan1984

Fort Gibson, Okla. — Earlier this week, a teenage couple were victims of an intentional hit-and-run crash along a trunk highway, Oklahoma 62, in Muskogee County.

The video above shows the young driver was making a pass on the slower driver in a car. Both cars were in the proper lanes.

The man, 18, and his 17-year-old girlfriend, were driving westbound on Highway 62 Saturday night towards Muskogee when a pickup truck came up behind them. The teens say the driver hit their car in a pit-maneuver style, forcing the car across two lanes.

“It was terrifying. I don’t remember what I was thinking, but it was just scary,” said the male victim.

Eventually the teens’ car hit the guardrail on the opposite side of the lane.

They received injuries from the airbag but otherwise were not seriously hurt.

The Muskogee Police Office is looking for the truck driver, who is believed to be between 27 and 33 years old.

“There’s thousands and thousands of people on Facebook that have seen and are looking for this guy, so I’m really feeling hopeful about it all,” said the female victim.

The problem is that many jurisdictions refuse to enforce the speed limit laws. And among the few that actually do, they allow for some kind of buffer.

It’s way past time to start enforcing the speed limit laws – with no buffers.