Former principal arrested for private indecent exposure, sexual assault (UPDATED)

by jovan1984


Remember the story about the former Williston Elko High principal?

He was arrested this morning by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED).

According to the People Sentinel, Joel Mitchell is accused of private indecent exposure (covered under SC Section 16-15-130), and sexual assault.

Mitchell allegedly exposed himself in a state of nudity in a private area on school grounds and non-consensually touching the private parts of a subordinate woman. It is not known if the victim is/was a teacher or a pupil.

The incident took place before the Christmas holiday break in 2015.

Bond was set at ten thousand dollars.

Update at 21:03 on July 18, 2017: Mr. Mitchell has formally been indicted on a charge of rape in relation to the incident. Via the Aiken Standard.