Did Joel Mitchell resign as W-E principal due to an investigation by SLED?

by jovan1984

Joel Mitchell, who took over the principal’s job at Williston-Elko High from benevolent sexist Brian Newsome, has resigned on Tuesday…possibly in disgrace.

According to the (Barnwell) People-Sentinel, which filed a Freedom of Information Act request on Friday, Barnwell County Sheriff Ed Carroll said that they and the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division is investigating the matter.  A high school teacher (unknown at this time) blew the whistle on Mr. Mitchell a few weeks earlier.

Missoura Ashe, the superintendent (and interim principal until May 28), told the People-Sentinel, “I can’t discuss personnel matters.  As an employer, I do not discuss matters that are being looked into.”

I don’t know what SLED’s looking at. I can’t really verify anything.”

She concluded, “My door remains open to students, faculty and staff, and parents as our graduating seniors and juniors, sophomores and freshmen complete their year-end activities and look forward to an even better 2016-2017.”

The People-Sentinel

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