Sex worker implicated in Mother’s Day murder

by jovan1984


Columbia — A 41-year-old Upper Midlands sex worker was arrested and charged with murdering a young man on Mother’s Day.

According to the Columbia Police Office, the sex worker, identified as Natalia Tucker, was on the job on Mother’s Day and got into a dispute with a 25-year-old customer over her rates. The incident happened at the Coronet Motel on MAIN ST in Columbia.

That’s when Ms. Tucker pulled out a small pistol and shot her client in the head.  His body was found during a routine inspection by motel employees during the daylight hours.

Columbia Police Office deputies also allege that Ms. Tucker stole the dead man’s car after offing him.

Ms. Tucker, 41, became the prime suspect in the murder before Mother’s Day ended.  She was arrested on the job at MAIN ST and ELMWOOD AV on Thursday and is charged with murder and possession of stolen goods, with the “goods” being the victim’s vehicle.

Note: Photo is a stock image and is not the image of the suspect.