Transgender woman MURDERED by cisgender woman for using the correct restroom

by jovan1984


Denver, Colo. — A 55-year-old bigoted cisgender woman murdered a 39-year-old transgender woman inside of a women’s restroom at Bradford’s.

The younger woman was murdered in cold blood after an altercation with fellow Bradford’s customer, 55-year-old Kathleen Workman, in the department store’s restroom.

Bradford’s official policy strongly suggests people to use the restroom corresponding to their current gender identity. According to the store manager, senior leadership had requested the sign be created and posted in the restroom area last month after Target announced their new restroom policy.

As a result of the policy, the victim was required to use the women’s restroom.

However, that official policy did not stop a criminal gun owner, Workman, from killing.

Workman then lied to authorities and claimed the victim put up an aggressive body language and that she “feared” for her life.

The victim was shot three times and was deceased upon arrival by EMTs.

This is why we need gun control, people control and hate crimes statutes protecting transgender people – and to make it easier to prosecute people like Workman who uses her gun as a tool to commit a hate crime.