George Davis sexually harasses female nudist, shows why men are the whole problem

by jovan1984

Berkeley, Calif. — Once again, men ruin everything.

Even in the nudist community.

An unidentified female nudist told Gypsy Taub that George Davis, the same George Davis who had been very politically active in the fight against unconstitutional bans on public nudity, had sexually harassed her for a period of time.

Mrs. Taub wrote on Twitter that Mr. Davis was excommunicated from not just the Body Freedom Network, but also from the nudist community over the charges.


I feel really sick. I feel like I just got kicked in the gut when I got the notification on my Alcatel Fierce XL.

Once again, a man fails a marginalized community instead of helping it. Charles Clymer. Hugo Schwyzer. James Deen.

And now, George Davis.

All men. All have failed various feminist communities. Clymer and Schwyzer failed intersectional feminists. Schwyzer and Deen failed sex workers. Davis failed the nudist feminism community.

This also comes to show that even though we are marginalized badly within society, nudist men still possess some privilege. It’s really disturbing that Davis showed his privilege to the nudist women.

Men, regardless of whether you’re nudist or not, we need to check ourselves.