Cricket Wireless’s raw deal to T-Mobile users

by jovan1984


Atlanta — Sometime last month, Cricket Wireless introduced a deal targeted at T-Mobile customers.

They correctly said, much like Verizon Wireless did, that the Big Pink network was smaller in LTE footprint by a few million POPs.

With that, they were, and still are, giving $100 for T-Mobile customers to switch to Cricket.

Buyer beware, because here are three things you’ll LOSE by going on Cricket Wireless’s larger network:

Wi-Fi Calling. No network in the Continental United States, not even Verizon or the almighty AT&T, covers everywhere. That’s why Wi-Fi Calling is a Godsend. Only T-Mobile requires this vital feature in all of the mobile phones sold by them, Wal-Mart Family Mobile, and MetroPCS. Sprint only requires the IPhone to have the feature on their network, but it’s not required of the IPhone on any of their MVNOs (Boost, Virgin or CREDO Mobile). AT&T, Tracfone Wireless and Verizon do not require Wi-Fi Calling on any devices on their network, not even from their respective MVNOs (Cricket, Consumer Cellular, Net10, Straight Talk and Page Plus, respectively), and not even on the IPhone.

High speeds. I don’t know about you, but I enjoy being able to get more than 8 mbps down almost everywhere I have coverage. Even Straight Talk customers get higher than that! You won’t get any better than 8 down with Cricket. When seconds count on Twitter for a viral tweet, that throttle is too much!

Hotspot/tethering. This is one thing a seasoned writer absolutely cannot do without. Unfortunately, you can’t hotspot on Cricket’s unlimited plan for any reason, it even says so on the bottom of it’s attack ad. At least with T-Mobile’s unlimited plan, you can hotspot (up to 14 GB, I believe). In fact, MetroPCS’s unlimited plan allows for hotspot — and it’s 15 dollars cheaper than Cricket’s raw deal!

Cricket’s deal is not all it’s cracked up to be. And it’s certainly not something to smile about.