Time to switch to Windows 10 Mobile or Mac. Preferably both. Quicktime for Windows won’t be fixed for security flaws.

by jovan1984

Security experts and other tech wonk found a major security flaw in QuickTime for Windows PC.

And guess what? Apple, which owns QuickTime, will not fix or patch this flaw.

What that means is that IPhone users can no longer use their Windows PCs for transferring music or videos without risking a virus. ITunes will not work without QuickTime.

What to do, you ask? There’s several things you can do – two of which are below the fold.

1. Switch to Windows 10 Phone. This is the most obvious – and common sense – choice to make, since you have the perfect companion in the PC. There’s the Microsoft Lumia 950 XL if you have the IPhone 6s Plus, and the smaller Microsoft Lumia 950 if you have the IPhone 6s. I hope Microsoft will use the QuickTime issue as a way to get IPhone users to switch.

2. Switch to Mac for your desktop/laptop needs. QuickTime faced the same flaws in the MacOS, but Apple quickly disposed of the flaw on their notebooks, netbooks and desktops. I, for one, will be getting a MacBook soon anyways, even though I have a Windows 10 phone. Anyways, if you love your IPhone, you must get rid of your Windows PC NOW. Not later. Now. Apple is not giving you a choice.

It’s up to you if you want security or convenience.

Information from Windows Central