Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Aiken Office investigating ADPS for civil rights violations

by jovan1984


AIKEN, S.C. — An incident of public indecency committed by deputies from the Aiken Department of Public Safety eighteen months ago has caused the nation’s top law enforcement agency to step in and investigate four ADPS deputies.

The investigation comes as a couple, whose names will not be provided here, filed a lawsuit against both the department and the city over the invasive search that also violated Aiken’s 1992 public indecency ordinance, which calls for the prosecution of any one who procures a person to be in a state of nudity in a public place. That ordinance doesn’t make any exceptions for police searches, regardless of whether such a search is legal or not (and this search was illegal anyways).  Videos of the stop are in federal civil court in Aiken.

As WIS News 10 further reports, dashboard camera video shows what happened on October 2, 2014 when the couple were pulled over in a newly purchased car, initially because the car had paper tags.

On the video, some of what happened is very audible.  ADPS deputies searched the car and brought in a narcotics dog to sniff it.  They searched the man and the woman.  Their lawyer says they were subjected to an intrusive strip and body cavity search completely unjustified in a traffic stop and they accuse ADPS of using racist language.

A male deputy searched the male victim, claiming that the victim had drugs in his anus.  While the invasive and illegal search in plain view of passers-by was ongoing, the victim can be heard yelling about a hemorrhoid he’s been battling for several months, maybe years.  The male deputy completely disregarded his pleas, continuing to believe the victim had drugs on him, not a painful hemorrhoid.

When the search turned up nothing, he then tells a female deputy to search the female victim “real good”.

ADPS and the city deny any wrongdoing in the incident.

The fact and the matter is the four cops should be prosecuted for public indecency, regardless of how one feels about the search.