Twitter removed a very important feature from their IPhone and Android phone apps this past week

by jovan1984


SAN FRANCISCO — If you have a smartphone from the duopoly – that’s Apple’s IPhone and Alphabet’s Android – we got some bad news if you use Twitter.

Sometime last week, the most-popular social media network removed a very important feature that can be used by public users to retweet a protected account’s tweets.


As for Windows 10 Phone and Windows Phone 8.x users, you can still copy text from tweets by pressing the three ellipses in the Universal Windows App (as shown above) if you have a smartphone like the Alcatel Fierce XL for Windows 10 or the Microsoft Lumia 950 XL.

Many people who use the IPhone and Android phones are up in arms over the loss of the copy tweet feature. My best suggestion to them is to invest in a Windows Phone if that feature is important to them!