School day outlook for Friday

by jovan1984

It’s gonna be even cooler on Friday. This will be the first of three straight days of 50s for afternoon temperatures in Williston.

Friday’s maximum temperature is projected to be 65°f, but that’s gonna be during the first hour of the day, while the schoolteachers and pupils are asleep.

At 7:00, expect partly clear skies a temperature of 51°f with a wind chill of 46°f.

At lunch (11:00), it’ll be mostly sunny with a steady temperature of 51°f.

At 15:00, expect mostly sunny skies and a temperature of 55°f.

These are the temperatures at Williston-Elko High School, due to a lake breeze, it will be much cooler than all other locations during the afternoon, with 57°f being the warmest temperature during the daylight hours, around 17:00.

Enjoy your Friday at school!