Violent transphobic bigot Lee Bright intros bill to allow cis men to murder trans women in the men’s room

by jovan1984

Under a bill introduced by violent bigot Lee Bright, it would be illegal for unisex restrooms like this one at the Aiken-Barnwell Mental Health center in Barnwell to exist.

COLUMBIA — Violent transphobic bigot Lee Bright has no conscience.


Nor does he learn from other states that tried to discriminate and foment violence against transgender people.

Earlier tonight, Bright introduced a North Carolina style HB 2 bill that would wipe out all local non-discrimination ordinances (such as the ordinances in Charleston and Folly Beach) and would ban state-owned business from building unisex restrooms and locker rooms.

Furthermore, the bill would allow cisgender men to assault and kill transgender women in the men’s locker rooms and men’s restrooms.

North Carolina passed HB 2 less than 24 hours after Charlotte, the largest city in the Tri-State region, exercised proper authority to outlaw all forms of discrimination, the same ordinance that the two aforementioned SC cities and more than 210 US cities have on the books.

In case if Bright thinks this bill is a good idea, Paypal – which received millions in tax incentives to build a facility in NC – immediately ceased the project at 12:01 am on March 24, firing the first shots against bigotry by economically boycotting NC.

Spartanburg Herald Journal