This noob gets schooled on the Constitution and Austin ordinance

by jovan1984

An ignorant commenter named Cajun58 on the Houston Chronicle’s comments section said that our nudity rights should be infringed.

ignorant noob

Little did he know that nudity is not the same as public indecency.  Not under US law, not under Texas law, and certainly not under Austin ordinance.

Two commenters, Deanna Szuter and an unidentified Dallas person, absolutely obliterated Cajun58’s nonsense.

commenters pwning the law noob

And that last commenter is spot on.  Nudity rights advocates are actually more sensible than the gun lobbyists.

Just because you have the right to open carry, it doesn’t mean you should parade around and call attention to it and cause alarm or affront!

There’s just so much more people can learn from nudity rights advocates these days.