Get over yourselves, SXSW attendees! Nudity should be legalized, no matter how it makes you feel!

by jovan1984


AUSTIN — On Friday, the first day of the South by Southwest (SXSW) event, President Obama attended and there were a few topless women around, with one counter-protesting people openly carrying firearms indecently around children.

However, while children were far more uncomfortable with the people openly carrying firearms, the adults were more uncomfortable with a harmless 56-year-old woman exercising her nudity rights.

That says a lot. The children are more mature than the adults these days and it is pathetic.

Open Carry Texas Chairman C.J. Grisham, who is all about the “rights for me, but not for thee” motto, showed his contempt for the Constitution when he told the woman, “You are assaulting my senses right now.”

She clapped back, “Bite me, baby.”

Mr. Grisham said back to her: “You are an embarrassment to boobs everywhere.”

She responded with a sign she was wearing: “Sorry about your small penis issues.”

This conversation showed that the unidentified woman was the more mature party here and that Mr. Grisham fails to realize that the Constitution is like a two way street.  The US Constitution protects the woman’s (and my) right to be naked in public, just like it protects his gun rights.

This episode also shows that SXSW people are oversensitive ninnies who need to get over themselves.  Public nudity is a right, in Austin, Texas and the US under several different amendments.  People who are offended over a topless woman can always go to Indonesia or the crayon capital of the world, Malaysia, where nudity is banned countrywide.

Our nudity rights are no longer up for debate and we’re gonna start taking our rights, just like any other reasonable person would.  The people of Springfield, Mo. showed the nation that nudity rights are worth fighting for on March 7, and we’re gonna continue the fight until nudity is legal everywhere in the US, including in places like Indiana and Utah.

Houston Chronicle