Nudist Clubhouse Website Was Hacked By Cyber Terrorist

by jovan1984

Social Networking Site “Nudist Clubhouse” Was Hacked With Members’ Personal Data Stolen Nudist Clubhouse, a nudist forum / social network website, has been down since at least Thursday, March 3rd. According to their website, they were hacked last week by a “cyber terrorist in Ukraine.”

Allegedly, the terrorist hacker managed to download the website’s user database which contains the private data of most of its members.

This personal data may include: usernames, passwords, pictures, genders, dates of birth, emails, phone numbers, physical addresses as well as private interactions and messages.

Some members have received an extortion email from the hackers. The messages that were sent to the site’s users contained the person’s above personal information as well as a threat to release the information (making it public for the world to see) unless the user pays them “about $3 or .01 Bitcoins.”

We urge everyone to abide by the warning on the Nudist Clubhouse website: “DO NOT PAY THEM.”

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