Victory for Nudity rights is near in New Hampshire!

by jovan1984


LOUDON, N.H. — The Live Free Or Die State told social conservatives in no uncertain terms that civil rights also extends to public nudity.

In an 18-0 vote that aims to send a strong message about nudity rights to other states, House Bill 1525 was tabled.

The opposition to the clearly unconstitutional bill far outnumbered supporters.  In fact, only a handful of HB 1525 supporters were on hand, not counting the mostly white male Republican legislators far too eager to dump their feces on the Constitution rather than defend it.

Opponents of the bill say the law would create disparities between men and women. One New Hampshire resident told the AP the proposed law would be regressive and would take away rights women in the state already had.

“We are not lunatics, we are not radical, we’re not looking to go to football games topless or libraries or school meetings,” Kari Stephens told the AP. “If there is a man in a public space who is obviously comfortable enough, then why should I not have that same right?”

Comments like that could be heard again and again throughout the commenting period on the bill.

Representatives John Burt (R) and Amanda Bouldin (D) both blasted HB 1525 and introduced the motion to kill it:

This bill expands the indecent exposure law to include the anus (regardless of gender) as well as the nipple and areola (only if female). The committee heard testimony from many who warned that, due to likely acts of civil disobedience, the state would face expensive court fees should this become law. The NHCLU testified that violation of such a law could be considered protected political speech, indicating that the state would be unsuccessful in litigation. The committee sees no sense in passing a law that cannot be enforced.

The committee also believes that this bill violates Art. 2 of the State Constitution, which states that “Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged on account of race, creed, color, sex or national origin.” This bill attempts to apply a law to women only. This bill would also place police officers in the uncomfortable position of having to determine the gender of a potential offender. Lastly, an offender (if convicted) would be listed in the state’s sex offender registry after a second conviction, which many considered to be an excessive punishment.

In a state with a nippy average temperature of only 46 degrees (Fahrenheit), the risk of rampant nudity seems rather low. The committee considers this legislation inexpedient to legislate for these reasons.

Emphasis mine, in bold.

In short, the gymnophobic prudes are losing their grip in the state legislatures as nudist bloggers such as myself get more and more politically active and advocate for the same civil rights as everyone else.  We nudists will no longer stand by and compromise when it comes to our rights.  We’re gonna take our rights just like everyone else who has expanded rights in the past several years have taken theirs.

As Free Keene said on Tuesday, March 1, “Today is a decisive loss for the prudes. To them I say leave topless women alone – your kids will be fine. If you don’t like seeing female areola, then advocate all public property be abolished and turned private. Then you can have a private beach just for people who want to keep their clothes on.”

As for prude Brian Gallanger, you have no problem forcing us to experience the evolving societal behavior on guns.  Therefore, you need to get a taste of your own medicine.

Everyone needs to be forced to experience the evolving societal behavior around nudity as well.  It’s our right to be naked in public, and we’re NOT GOING ANYWHERE, and my allies in New Hampshire will put the final nail in the coffin on HB 1525 on Wednesday.  Get used to it, prudes.

Free Keene

Huffington Post

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