Gun lobby flacks in Columbia want to give teachers the right to murder your five year old kid

by jovan1984

COLUMBIA — A bill in subcommittee right now would give a teacher the right to murder your five year old kid during kindergarten class.

The bill, misleadingly named the “School Protection Officers” Act, would allow teachers, administrators or any other school employees to carry guns or pepper spray at school. The school employees would volunteer for the additional responsibilities and would have to go through a new two-week training program at the Criminal Justice Academy. School employees who have concealed weapons permits would be allowed to carry their guns at school, as long as they keep them concealed or locked in a school firearm safe.

I have a niece and nephew and this is the worst idea ever. For one thing, there are sites out there keeping up with incidents of abuse of children by teachers.

Brett Qualls, who was waiting outside the same school to pick up his 13-year-old daughter, agrees, “More people with guns bothers me.” He says he’s worried about the accessibility of the guns. “At the end of the day or in-between classes the teacher could lay their pistol down anywhere, sit it in their drawer, don’t want to wear it, put it in their drawer. A kid could get a hold of it. Anything could go wrong like that. You’re talking about K-through-12. Kids are curious.”

Adding to Mr. Qualls’s point, it’s not just kids being curious and finding the gun(s) while the teacher is printing assignments or swiping Scantron (remember those, Williston-Elko alumni?) sheets for grading that bother me.

Rather, it’s the thought of a teacher having a bad day and deciding to use the weapon to kill innocent children who just so happened to misbehave that one bad day.

Had some teachers in nearby school districts had guns, we’d be hearing about innocent children dead today.

And then there’s this: South Carolina just did allow guns in schools only 21 years ago: it resulted in a shooting at nearby Blackville-Hilda High, and then the state decided to ban guns in schools the following session.

South Carolina claims to be pro-child. This is the one time they can actually prove it, by killing the School Officers Protection Act for good. Failing that, then Congress needs to act again and put the kibosh on guns on our most sacred grounds – schools. Australia got rid of guns on campuses twenty years ago this year and they haven’t had a mass shooting on school grounds since.

There’s a reason why educational institutions are much after than the outside world: an armed society is a rude society. School gun free zones are very polite societies and very polite zones.