Planned Parenthood finally sues criminal enterprise CMP

by jovan1984


NEW YORK CITY — Planned Parenthood, like every other patriotic American, has had more than enough of the professional liars in the violent anti-choice movement.

On Thursday afternoon, January 14, Planned Parenthood fought back, filing a lawsuit more than a decade in the making, charging the Center for Medical Progress for racketeering, and many, many other state and federal crimes – many of which are listed above in the infographic.

The lawsuit was filed on the six-month anniversary of the release of the first of the slanderous videos, which combined had 4,022 deceptive edits. Those edits propelled the terrorist attack against the Colorado Springs, Colo. Planned Parenthood affiliate on November 27, 2015, which killed two patients and a Colorado Springs Police Office deputy.

The RICO filing is especially important, as the CMP has already unsuccessfully challenged the National Abortion Federation in a lawsuit that’s not nearly as far-reaching as Planned Parenthood’s.

Under RICO, if defendants are found guilty, the winners – in this case, Planned Parenthood – can legally seize all of the CMP’s assets and that’s in addition to the monetary damages.

The CMP aren’t the only defendants here: BioMax, David Daleiden, Troy Newman and Sandra Merritt are also co-defendants. Their assets can also be seized if they lose.

The lawsuit is against known anti-abortion extremists, including Daleiden, Troy Newman, Albin Rhomberg, and Sandra Merritt, as well as the front organizations they created to commit their crimes: CMP and BioMax.

  • The lawsuit charges that CMP, its leaders, and other co-conspirators:
    • Violated the Racketeer Influence and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act;
    • Violated the federal eavesdropping statute;
    • Engaged in wire fraud, mail fraud, invasion of privacy, illegal secret recording, and trespassing; and
    • Used a complex criminal enterprise to defraud Planned Parenthood and prevent it from providing health care.
  • The lawsuit asks for restitution of compensatory and punitive damages and triple damages for violation of the RICO Act, as well as attorney’s fees.


Over the course of nearly three years, CMP operatives including Daleiden and Newman:

  • Created fake identities (and fake government IDs);
  • Obtained a credit card using a fake name;
  • Used their aliases to form another front organization: a fake tissue procurement company called BioMax;
  • Wormed their way into private medical conferences and trespassed onto private property (like health care centers); and
  • Illegally recorded private professional conversations of doctors and other medical providers without consent.

When CMP’s illegally recorded videos, trespassing, and other efforts didn’t turn up anything bad, they spliced together shards of lengthy conversations to create short, deceptive, and distorted videos. In the summer of 2015, CMP started releasing these videos, which claimed that Planned Parenthood health centers profited from fetal tissue donation. Since then, CMP’s smear campaign has continued to push more lies and outrageous accusations.

And with most of the footage coming from California, the violations of Statute 632 comes into play here and Kamala Harris, the Attorney General of the CMP’s home state, is still mulling over whether criminal charges can be filed.  The Golden State is also thinking about filing a lawsuit of their own against the CMP.

There is a very high likelihood – greater than a 95% chance – that Planned Parenthood will win this lawsuit.