Dekalb DA vows to pursue charges against cop who killed naked Air Force veteran

by jovan1984

DECATUR, Ga. — The DeKalb County District Attorney’s Office has said they will seek an indictment against a DeKalb County Police Department deputy who gunned down a naked Air Force veteran.

DA Robert James said that he will present the case to a grand jury on Thursday.

“The consensus in our office was the most appropriate charge to seek was felony murder,” said Mr. James.

Air Force veteran Anthony Hill, 27, was naked when he was shot down in cold blood by Deputy Robert Olsen ten months ago.

Mr. Hill, who also had issues with mental illness, was unarmed and the DA said he ultimately decided the deputy’s use of deadly force was not only unnecessary but criminal.

In addition to murder charges, Mr. James will also ask a grand jury to indict Deputy Olsen for aggravated assault, violating his oath of office and making a false statement.

Meanwhile, Rise UP Georgia and Black Lives Matter activists braved temperatures hovering in the lower 40s during the day and upper 20s during the evening to camp out at the county courthouse and send two simple messages: Public nudity is not a crime, and mental illness is not a crime.

Members say this latest demonstration is the latest push for justice in honor of Mr. Hill.

“It’s been six years, since 2010, that a Georgia officer was indicted of a murder,” said Nelini Stamp, an activist with Rise Up Georgia. “It’s been six years since any officer has been held accountable for their actions.”

The activists vow to remain camped out at the courthouse until Thursday, when former Deputy Olsen will testify before the Grand Jury and the DA.

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