SLED investigating Horry County Police Department

by jovan1984

CONWAY — At long last, the gymnophobic Horry County Police Department is under the microscope.

However, they’re being investigated for sexual assault.

Hours before the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division announced the investigation of the department, a Georgetown woman filed a lawsuit against a deputy who is at the center of the crime.

According to the lawsuit, the victim claims a detective, who is not identified, raped her between 21 and 24 months ago. At least one of the rapes happened in a patrol car.

These “unwanted sexual advances” came after the HCPD deputy was assigned to the victim to investigate a civilian rape she reported to the department 25 months ago.

Some of the rapes were as frequent as bidaily.

A whistleblower told the victim that the deputy had done this to other women he was supposed to help in other cases.

The victim further claims the HCPD knew or at least should have known its deputy engaged in sexual assaults and rapes and claims they failed to take any action whatsoever.

Hope she gets this lawsuit to become class action status. This is revolting.

WBTW News 13