Two former strippers get slaps on wrists for robbing, raping rich men

by jovan1984


NEW YORK CITY — Remember the incident 19 months ago when four women sex workers drugged, raped and robbed rich men?

Half of them got slaps on their wrists this weekend.

Marsi Rosen, 29, and Karina Pascucci, 27, were sentenced Friday to four months of weekends in jail after they pleaded guilty to much lesser charges of grand larceny and conspiracy.

Ms. Rosen also admitted to sexually assaulting some of the men.

Ms. Pascucci lured one of the victims, a cardiologist, to Scores where he was ripped off for over $135,000 during four trips to the club in 26 months ago.  She nearly blew her plea deal when she appeared on Crime Watch Daily and denied the accusations.  She then accused producers of the show of ‘twisting’ her words.

Samantha Barbash and Roslyn Keo also pleaded guilty to all charges against them and are awaiting sentence.