Bottom Line: There’s a massive #WarOnNewYearsDay – and conservatives are blatantly *crickets*

by jovan1984


Publix, one of the largest supermarkets in the US, has sided with fascist corporate America in the War On New Year’s Day by opening their doors for the first time ever on January 1 in 2016.


So much for conservatives caring about our holidays.

There is a massive War On New Year’s Day that’s been building for almost a decade and to no one’s surprise, conservatives – who whine about the fake War On Christmas – are silent.

Their silence on this very real War On New Year’s Day peels back the façade of conservatives and their outrage over the incidents that have occurred on Lupercalia (the Pagan version of Saint Valentine’s Day), Saint Patrick’s Day, Easter, Independence Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

When it comes to New Year’s however, they’re nowhere to be found.

Why are conservatives, usually the loudest voices at this time of the year, silent about the US making January 1 – the most important day of the whole calendar year – just another day instead of the important day it was 20 years ago?

I can remember a time when nothing that was not essential was open in the Williston-Windsor area on January 1 – not even gas stations and convenience stores.

Those days are fading away.  Publix will open on January 1, 2016, leaving no grocery stores in our area that’s doing the right thing by closing on that day.

While this piece calls conservatives to the carpet, we – conservatives, liberals and centrists alike – are all guilty by association in the War On New Year’s Day.

And no amount of protestation from any of us Americans will change that verdict.  The only way that verdict changes is if we demand our businesses start respecting New Year’s Day and close their doors all day on January 1.