Joss Whedon #StandWithPP, but is still a SWERF

by jovan1984


LOS ANGELES — Joss Whedon proclaimed his support for Planned Parenthood, and it’s something all of his true fans are proud of.

For me, that’s good that he Stands With Planned Parenthood, but that’s nowhere near good enough.

For starters, Mr. Whedon is a SWERF, or a sex work exclusionary radical feminist. That’s the main reason why I do not hold him in very high regard.

Next, the fact that he hasn’t been that enthusiastic of a trans ally.

That’s plenty of reason for me to continue to pass his work over and not watch.

But instead getting offended over his anti-sex work views, ignorant terrorist-sympathizing bigots who support the terrorists at the Center for Medical Progress – all of whom never were true fans of his work are offended that he opposes right-wing terrorism against Planned Parenthood.

These people who oppose Planned Parenthood need to get put in a cell.