It’s currently legal to murder transgender people in Houston and get away with it. HERO would criminalize this, and voyeurism would be a felony. Also, fascists dead aimed at controlling Frankfort are spending big on Matt Bevin!

by jovan1984


WOODBINE, Ky. and HOUSTON — On Tuesday, voters in two commonwealths will vote for people to represent them (Kentucky and Virginia).

Also, on Tuesday, Houston will vote on whether it will continue to be legal to murder transgender people in the city, or whether trans people will finally be on equal footing in basic aspects of life.

We’ll talk Kentucky later. First, we’re going to talk about Houston.



In an email just received this morning, there has been nothing but lies upon lies, slander upon slander against Proposition 1, which is known as the proposed HERO ordinance.

Currently, because HERO is inactive, voyeurism is a slap-on-the-wrist crime in Houston. Just this week, a cis boy was arrested for videotaping another cis boy in a gender-segregated restroom, a place that’s extremely archaic and should be banned in all of the United States. More on that in a moment. Voting Yes On Proposition One makes voyeurism a felony, meaning people who videotape other people who are not public servants in public areas, and any person in restrooms, would be a felon if convicted.

In the previous paragraph, I touched on the fact that gender-segregated restrooms exist in Houston, 61 years after the Supreme Court ruled that segregation of any kind was illegal. Gender-segregation restrooms violate the Brown v. Board of Education decision, which not only desegregated schools, but ruled that any kind of segregation is unconstitutional, and the High Court intended for that ruling to also apply to all restrooms in the nation. So far, however, only 191 cities are in compliance with the 1954 SCOTUS decision. Houston is not in compliance. In the ads being run by the merchants of hate who stand to benefit from the current ordinance, they are claiming that men would be allowed in the women’s restrooms. Guess what, geniuses? Cis men are allowed, by law, to enter the women’s restrooms in emergency situations where going to another men’s room farther away would result in severe bladder problems that can kill them! Furthermore, the families of any man who dies because they were not allowed to enter the women’s restrooms if they had an emergency urinary situation can sue businesses for gross negligence. That means that the mom-and-pop businesses would go under. There’s a reason why small businesses support the HERO ordinance and are persuading their tens of workers to vote Yes On Proposition 1!

Voting yes on Proposition One has all benefits and no valid drawbacks. First, businesses would no longer fear a lawsuit if a trans woman died of a urinary condition because HERO protects everyone at the expense of no one. It’s a lot less expensive to pass HERO than to defend an expensive lawsuit for negligence from a business standpoint.

Secondly, cis men would still be prosecuted for assault, regardless of which restroom the incident occurred. Remember the saying, “Come in peace or leave with the police!” Yup. Although that saying originated from black nightclubs, that saying actually applies to everywhere. As long as the cis man or cis boy is being peaceful, they’d have as much a right to the women’s restrooms as cis women do the men’s restrooms. Since HERO wouldn’t change anything explained in this paragraph, attacking Proposition One because of the restroom issue is a gross red herring.

The biggest reason to vote Yes on Proposition One is one that a lot of Houstonians are not even thinking about: the Super Bowl LI. The fate of that Super Bowl rests solely on voters between now and Tuesday. If Proposition One fails due to the merchants of hate, Houston will be the first city in 24 years to lose a Super Bowl because bigotry will have been legalized by voters. Outside observers, including the NFL, are watching the developments in Texas’s largest city like a hawk.

Aiken Area Progressive endorses a Yes vote on Proposition One (HERO). One hundred ninety-one other cities have such an ordinance and none of the things opponents are claiming will happen in Houston has happened in those cities, which includes Saint Louis, Los Angeles and New York City.

Now. Pop quiz.

Since 2011, only one state in the 13-state South has not been ruled for even a day by a fascist government. Name that state.

If you said Kentucky, you’re correct.

Unfortunately, the Koch Brothers and every other outside organization that has nothing in common with the common people in the commonwealth are spending shitloads of money in trying to defeat Jack Conway, an honorable man who understands state and federal laws like the back of his hand.

Matt Bevin, on the other hand, is an insider who supports the Tea Party’s extreme agenda of taking away Social Security, disability benefits, women’s health care and food from children.

And his ideology has an approval rating of just 17% of the American people, with roughly 70% disapproving of big government conservatives like Mr. Bevin.

Jack Conway has fought within the laws to protect the rights of all Kentuckians, from Murray to Drakesboro to Elizabethtown to Woodbine to Ashland to Hazard Never once has he convinced anyone to violate state laws, no matter how unjust he or his constituents found some laws to be.

Respect for the laws of the commonwealth is one of the many gulfs between Conway, a true friend of freedom, and Bevin, a true enemy of the Commonwealth.

On Tuesday, Aiken Area Progressive strongly urges a vote for Jack Conway as the next governor of Kentucky.