Source: Williston-Elko High pupil to file lawsuit against Allendale-Fairfax in hazing incident

by jovan1984

WILLISTON — This morning, a pupil at Williston-Elko High School announced that he will be filing a lawsuit against the lot of Allendale-Fairfax officials and the high school and district themselves.

The following people will be named as defendants in the lawsuit: Allendale-Fairfax High, Allendale County Superintendent Leila Williams, Athletic director and head football coach of AFHS football team Eddie Ford, Allendale-Fairfax High principal Senaca Baines, Assitant football coach Cody Bradyburg, and South Atlantic Conference Association of Seventh- Day Adventist, Inc.

The pupil’s parents will file the lawsuit on his behalf.

During the week of August 2, the victim was subject to a hazing ritual after a football camp with Allendale-Fairfax players, with assaults resembling fraternity like initiation. The lawsuit claims the victim was assaulted with open hands, closed fists, boxing gloves, belt buckles or anything the players could find in their grasp.

It says the victim was assaulted by 15 current Tigers and other Allendale-Fairfax upperclassmen simultaneously.

The suit also claims that Coaches Ford and Brandyburg tried to persuade the victim, who later transferred to Williston-Elko and was given an SCHSL waiver to play football for the Blue Devils instead of being forced to sit, to let things go.

The star running back was hospitalized at Regional Medical Center in Orangeburg County receiving treatment after the assault.

While getting treatment for the assault, an Orangeburg County Sheriff’s officer came to the hospital to speak with the victim and his parents. Coincidentally, the victim’s father received a call from Superintendent Williams to not speak to cops about it, and allow the Allendale-Fairfax School District to investigate the incident.

Aiken Area Progressive will not identify the victim or his parents.

Full disclosure: Jovan is an alumnus of Williston-Elko High School.