The IPhone is facing a US ban (for the second time) after Apple’s conviction for patent infringement in suit by Wis. college

by jovan1984

6s plus tmobile

MADISON, Wis. — The loss of eight hundred sixty-two million four hundred thousand dollars is the least of Apple’s worries.

The smartphone maker could see their phones banned in the United States as well.

A Wisconsin jury convicted Apple of infringing a 17-year-old patent owned by the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

The patent, from 1998, is related to chip efficiency. Apple’s five most recent chips – the A7, A8, A8X, A9 and A9X – used in their IPhones – IPhone 6s Plus, IPhone 6 Plus, and IPhone 5s – all violate the patent.

Apple flatly denied infringing on the patent. The jury disagreed. Now, they’ll figure out how much Apple pays to UW-Madison, and whether the IPhone will be banned from being sold in the States. On August 25, Microsoft narrowly avoided a ban on their Lumia smartphones from being sold in the US despite being found guilty of violating a patent. In 2009, President Obama vetoed a ban on the IPhone being sold in the States, leading to harsh accusations of favoritism from progressives, conservatives, Android fanboys, Windows users, and others.

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