Nominated in 1984, Loretta Lynch is finally Attorney General

by jovan1984

Childish, immature Conservatives held up AG vote over anti-choice rider


WASHINGTON, D.C. — After almost 31 years of frustration and purely political holds for no good reason at all, Loretta Lynch has finally gotten her due.

First nominated by the now-late Ronald Reagan in 1984, Ms. Lynch became the first African-American female to be the nation’s top cop.

The vote was 56-43, with ten GOP Senators siding all 44 Dems and the two Independents.

Conservatives deliberately held up the vote with their attempt to sneak anti-choice riders into a human trafficking bill at the behest of the Susan B Anthony List, and tried to blame Democrats for the delay. The Democratic version of the human trafficking bill, introduced just before last year’s summer recess, was clean and had no riders whatsoever.

Dems slammed conservatives for the delay.

“It’s an unconscionable delay,” said White House press secretary Josh Earnest.

“Any attempt to hold a confirmation vote hostage because of this abortion provision is a sham,” said outgoing Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) from the Senate floor. “A vote on the Lynch nomination has absolutely nothing to do with the trafficking bill.”

Rebecca Vipond Brink

Three more women accuse Cosby of rape

PHILADELPHIA — If you think Bill Cosby is done with rape allegations, you got another thing comin’.

At a press conference in Los Angeles hosted by civil rigths activist and attorney Gloria Allred, a trio of women provided detailed accounts of assaults that Cosby allegedly committed against them.  All three accounts are very similar to previous claims.

Thirty-two years eleven months (32 years 11 months) ago, Janice Baker Kinney said Mr. Cosby assaulted her.  She was working as a waitress/bartender at Harrah’s Hotel and Casino in Reno, Nev., and he was visiting as a comedian.  She said Mr. Cosby invited her to a party at a house where he was staying, but when she got there, only three people were in attendance.

She accepted two pills Mr. Cosby offered her, began losing her vision and eventually passed out during a game of backgammon. Her next memory is awaking on a couch with her jeans unzipped and blouse opened, and Mr. Cosby put his hand in her blouse. She awoke again the next morning naked in Mr. Cosby’s bed, who allegedly told her, “This is between me and you.”

“All this time, and for many, many years, I felt this was my fault,” wrote Ms. Kinney in a statement Ms. Allred’s office sent to The Huffington Post.  “I took the pills from him.”

While the incident happened in May 1982, she said it wasn’t until recently, when she heard the stories of other women coming forward, that she realized she was a victim.

“It was like the light bulb FINALLY went on after all these years,” the statement continued.  “I was 24 years old and I was naïve thinking that this funny and sweet, trustworthy man would never give me something that would harm me.  I was wrong and now I know that Mr. Cosby is a predator and needs to be held accountable for what he did to me.”

Forty (40) years ago this year, Marcella Tate said Mr. Cosby assaulted her.  She was a model in Chicago.  She met him through one of their mutual friends at a nightspot.

One day, in 1975, she agreed to pick him up from the airport and drop him off at the Playboy mansion, where he invited her in and offered her a glass of wine.  Her next memory is waking up in bed with a naked Mr. Cosby.

“I knew that I was in a sexual situation,” she wrote in a statement Ms. Allred’s office sent to HuffPost.  “I never intended to be in that situation … but because I was barely conscious and felt drugged, I was unable to do anything to get out of it.”

Forty-five (45) years ago, then 20-year-old Autumn Burns, now 65, said she was assaulted by Mr. Cosby.  She was working as a model and game starter at the Sahara hotel in Las Vegas. One night in 1970, she said, Mr. Cosby approached her at another hotel, gave her $500.00 to spend and invited her to his show later that night.  They began spending time together, she said, and he offered to help her find acting and modeling work.  One night he invited her back to his room, gave her a scotch and asked her to the bedroom.

“I started feeling woozy and not in control,” she wrote in a statement sent to HuffPost from Ms. Allred’s office.  “He told me to sit on the edge of the bed. When I did he grabbed me by the back of my neck and stuck his erect penis down my throat.  I remember my head was being pounded up and down and then he lifted me on top of him and had sex with me.  When he was done I knew I had to leave the room and get home.  I felt like everyone on the casino floor was staring at me and had known what happened.”

The three women, among 39 accusing Mr. Cosby of rape, also join a number of others whom Ms. Allred is also representing.

“The women who are with me today are not the last ones who will come forward,” Ms. Allred wrote in an email to HuffPost.  “I can assure him that there will be more, because women are no longer going to be intimidated by Mr. Cosby’s celebrity, money or power.”

Ms. Allred, who sat on the sidelines while Mr. Cosby performed in Augusta, Ga. and in South Carolina, is discouraging people from buying tickets to Mr. Cosby’s upcoming performance in Atlanta and said she hopes the theater will be full of empty seats.

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