Women faculty at California-Los Angeles faced rampant sexism

by jovan1984

Investigation found that abuse lasted for almost ten years

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LOS ANGELES — The women who comprised of the medical faculty and staff at California-Los Angeles faced rampant sexism and other abuses for the better part of at least ten years, an investigation found.

Three women wrote in a complaint that the men harassed them and discriminated against women in the school’s Alzheimer’s disease research center.

That ultimately led to changes at the department.

Jonathan Hiatt, the vice dean for faculty, hired a new interim chair, professor Marie-Francoise Chesselet, and that another professor has been appointed as a monitor for issues of gender and equity. He said he is committed to a fair and “welcoming” school workplace.

Neither the women who complained about the abuse nor the men accused of sexism were named in the report.

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Washington’s wildlife deputy director arrested for rape, suspended

OLYMPIA, Wash. — The State of Washington is without a wildlife deputy director after the original one was arrested for rape.

According to documents unsealed by KING-DT 5, the incident that caused Greg Schirato to be arrested on Thursday occurred on Christmas Day 2014. The woman told police she went home intoxicated and woke to find Mr. Schirato in bed with her. She claimed he touched her sexually and removed some of her clothes.

She told police she assumed it was her boyfriend, and only when dawn broke realized it was someone else, recognizing broken glass inside her home. Her boyfriend explained to police he’d been somewhere else.

The victim told police she had had a sexual relationship with Mr. Schirato before she became his co-worker, referring to him and his wife as “swingers.” When questioned by investigators, Mr. Schirato said, “we play together regularly and I’ll leave it at that.”

On Thursday, nearly four months after the incident, Mr. Schirato was arrested and charged with burglary and rape. He was suspended indefinitely without pay as the wildlife deputy director.


Campaign of sexism begins: conservative Washington Examiner reporter asks Carly Fiorina about her ‘pink nails’

WASHINGTON, D.C. — In a gathering of conservative activists on Thursday, Carly Fiorina was the guest speaker at a breakfast hosted by the Christian Science Monitor.

When it was time for the conservative Washington Examiner to ask a question, Paul Bedard told Ms. Fiorina this.

“I’ve never met a presidential candidate with pink nail polish on.”


That’s the kind of silly sexism campaign that women of all political stripes need to confront. All reporters should be focused on their policies and what they’re saying about such policies, not their looks.

As far as two women running for president goes, Ms. Fiorina has to run on her party’s platform, which will significantly harm her if she tries to duck it or otherwise deflect to other side issues such as the economy. The 2016 election is a referendum on the GOP’s platform, much like 2012 and 2008 were. If the GOP wants to win the White House, simply having a woman nominee ain’t gonna cut it. They’re gonna have to ditch the anti-abortion plank in their official platform and end their War on the Poor.

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