Rampant workplace election fraud – and three other things to know leading up to the Boeing union election on April 22

by jovan1984

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NORTH CHARLESTON — On Wednesday, April 22, a very important election happens at Boeing.

However, we won’t know of anything right away.

But here’s four things we do know – and we want you, the readers, to know these things.

  1. Workplace election fraud is extremely rampant and extremely widespread in every state that requires secret ballots.  It’s no secret why the South Carolina state government decided to outlaw the use of card checks as even an option for workplace elections in 2010.  Card checks are so good at protecting the integrity of workplace elections, card checks got in the way of the state’s vow to criminalize all unions.  In fact, in Tennessee, where secret ballots are also required, the Volkswagen union election that resulted in the defeat of an attempt to unionize was rife with fraud from top to bottom, and that’s not even getting into the interference by non-union politicians.  That kind of rampant workplace election fraud is what angered Volkswagen so much, the South will no longer get any Volkswagen plants until all plants are unionized.  Good for Volkswagen for sticking to their morals, which is far more moral than the South’s morals.That is why we at Aiken Area Progressive strongly support mandatory card checks at all workplace elections – it significantly cuts down on workplace election fraud.
  2. Haley and far right politicians are interfering and lying about unionization.  Just like with Bob Corker and the corrupt Tennessee voting machine, Haley and the corrupt South Carolina voting machine are encouraging rampant workplace election fraud at Boeing in North Charleston.  Unlike the VW elections, though, Dems are now working to beat back this kind of fraud in Boeing with facts about unionization.  In the few right-to-union states, the wages of all people in the workforce are 5,000-10,000% higher than they are for workers in right-to-work states.  That’s why states like California and Connecticut are faring much better economically than states like South Carolina and Tennessee.
  3. Everett, Wash. workers could move to S.C. if North Charleston’s Boeing unionizes.  There’s a reason why most of the people who work at the Everett, Wash. plant are still there – the pay at their plant is much better than the pay at the North Charleston plant.  If Haley and her corrupt voting machine loses the Boeing election on April 22, that would likely change.  Workers in Everett have privately said that if North Charleston’s Boeing plant is unionized, they would move to the Right Coast.  While this election does not involve them, the Everett workers still have a major stake in the election.
  4. Workplaces are superior in right-to-union states.  There is a reason why management hates right-to-union: they, like everyone else in the workplace, are held accountable.  That’s why you never hear of workplace deaths (outside of mass shootings) or injuries in businesses located in right-to-union states.  That’s why very rarely do you hear of fines from businesses in right-to-union states.  That’s why in balanced media outlets, you rarely hear of people complaining about work in right-to-union states.  Right-to-union is just plain superior to right-to-work.

There are the things you need to know leading up to the April 22 workplace elections at Boeing.  Need we say more?