AT&T, Microsoft buries the Lumia 1520

by jovan1984


AT&T and Microsoft has killed the last high-end Lumia and the last Windows phablet.

It was announced on Tuesday that the two businesses were ending the sales of the extremely popular Microsoft Lumia 1520, which was sold as the Nokia Lumia 1520 on Samhain 2013.

It is the only Lumia sold by AT&T to get the Lumia Denim OS upgrade.  Neither the Lumia 635 nor the Lumia 830, both of which were released long after, have Denim.

The Lumia 1520 is also the only snapdragon 800 processor Lumia in the line-up to date.

And then there were two.

Only two high end Windows phones (at this point) for sale in the United States and neither one is a Lumia: one is a device that is sold by three carriers and the one sold by T-Mobile does not support Band 2 on T-Mobile’s network (HTC One M8), the other is Verizon-exclusive (Samsung Ativ SE).

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