Christian, conservative values at work. Nothing to see here, folks

by jovan1984


LEXINGTON — A conservative operative who used to run the South Carolina GOP was arrested for domestic violence.

Todd Kincannon, 33, of Columbia was arrested less than one hour ago on an arrest warrant that was cut in connection to an incident on March 26 that caused his wife to tell deputies that she was fearful for her life.

The arrest warrant alleges that Mr. Kincannon’s wife, who’s identity was not revealed, stated to Lexington County Sheriff’s Department deputies that she was involved in an altercation on March 26 with Mr. Kincannon, who became enraged at her after they left a social event, according to Interim Sheriff Lewis McCarty.

While Kincannon drove a motor vehicle on SAINT ANDREWS RD and HARBISON BLVD near the Lexington side of Irmo, the victim stated to officers that Mr. Kincannon yelled at her, including the use of vulgar language. She also told officers that she lowered her window and cried at passing motorists to help her while she pleaded with Mr. Kincannon to pull over and stop the vehicle.

The arrest warrant further alleges that the victim told officers that Mr. Kincannon began driving the motor vehicle wildly and ducking RYGs while driving at an excessively high rate of speed.

The victim stated to officers that she tried to flee the vehicle. That is when Mr. Kincannon grabbed her arm to prevent her from leaving the vehicle.

More of those old fashion Christian conservative values at work. Move along, folks. Nothing to see here.

WLTX News 19