Thugs riot in Lexington as Wisconsin cuts down Kentucky to advance to Totally Two; men’s basketball’s 39th consecutive season without a perfect team

by jovan1984


thugs-in-kentucky-rioting (2)

INDIANAPOLIS — Kentucky will not be the Only One.

The Wisconsin men’s basketball team did what only the Maryland Terrapins did two weeks ago: end a perfect season.

The Gentlemen Badgers cut down the Gentlemen Wildcats 71-64 to advance to the Men’s Basketball Totally Two. They will face Duke, who easily dispatched Michigan State. Both teams are #1 seeds.

After the game, the thugs in Lexington got started a whole lot faster than the besieged people of Ferguson, Mo. did and unlike Ferguson, over a whole lotta nothing.

And what’s worse: the cops in Kentucky were completely okay with these thugs burning Lexington – and STATE ST – down.


At least in Ferguson, the riots were for a legitimate gripe: racism. What’s the excuse that these Kentucky fans have for rioting this morning instead of going to bed after the game like they should have done?

h/t to Daily Dot for the images and videos