Kentucky House kills legislation that would require transgender people to be murdered or face a bounty

by jovan1984

Legislation barring trans people from using bathroom that they felt comfy with would have amounted to them being forced to accept being assaulted, murdered or left with a bounty on their heads for breaking proposed law

Today's News Briefs

FRANKFORT, Ky. — Here is news that Kentuckians need to really hear.

The State House of Representatives killed legislation that would have required transgender people to be assaulted or killed, or left with a bounty on their heads if they chose not to conform to the proposal.

Not once but two times.

On two occasions, Senator CB Embry tried to get his violent bill passed: Once as a standalone, then sneaked inside of a bill that was widely supported that would’ve given collegiate students greater representation on certain decisions.

Michael Silverman of the The Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund said in a statement: “We are elated that his mean-spirited legislation has failed and congratulate The Fairness Coalition for their tireless work to defeat the bill. Denying students access to bathrooms and locker rooms consistent with who they are is cruel.

“This bill would have hurt already-vulnerable transgender students who regularly face bullying and other forms of harassment. TLDEF will continue to speak out against legislation designed to put transgender students in harm’s way.”

Pink News

Philadelphia woman kidnapped and assaulted, left in cemetery

PHILADELPHIA — A woman was kidnapped, assaulted and left alone in a grave.

The victim had just finished work for the day and was making her way to her car inside the parking garage on CHESTNUT ST in Center City just before 16:00 Saturday when she was grabbed by a trio of men and forced into an older model burgundy Ford Econoline cargo van with white graffiti on its side and back, investigators said.

Shortly after, the men zip-tied her wrists, placed steel shackles on her ankles and covered her head with a hood before they demanded the keys to her work as well as safe codes, which she did not know.

They drove around with the victim in the van for approximately an hour all the while punching, kicking, choking and zapping her with a Taser, before dumping her in a cemetery in Delaware County.

When her captors were not looking, the victim tried to escape. That’s when the suspects forced her right back in the vehicle, and ordered her to give them her bank card PIN and pulled her back into the van. The men stopped four times to withdrawl money, said police.

Following the withdrawls, the unidentified woman was left at the cemetery all alonw, yet again. She managed to remove the hood and made her way to HOOK RD in Delaware County where a woman driver stopped to help and called 911.

The suspects are all African-American men. The driver was in his late 20s, 6’3′ with a muscular build. He was last seen wearing a black hoodie, a ski mask and sunglasses. The second suspect was thin, 6′ and was wearing a gray hoodie, a ski mask and sunglasses. The third man was 5’5 and heavy with a dark hooded sweat shirt and jacket.

All three men were last seen wearing black pants.

The victim was hospitalized with a concussion, hematoma, bruises, contusions and scratches.

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