The Conservatives’ War on Women comes to college campuses: bill would ban abortions from being performed at university hospitals

by jovan1984

New bill is first since unconstitutional motorcycle-vagina law passed in 2013

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RALEIGH — The near 50-month-old War on Women launched by conservatives is coming to collegiate campuses.

The Daily Tar Heel, the University of North Carolina’s student newspaper, reports that the misogynistic conservatives in Raleigh are trying to pass a bill that would ban UNC, East Carolina and all other universities in the state – public and private – from performing abortions in their medical facilities.

House Bill 465, filed Wednesday, would prevent employees at the state’s two public medical schools — UNC and East Carolina University’s Brody School of Medicine — from performing or supervising abortion procedures.

Jennifer James, spokeswoman for UNC Health Care, said the system and the school are reviewing the bill and its potential effects.

All national accrediting bodies for medical schools requires OB/GYN residents to be educated in performing abortion procedures, Ms. James said in an email.

Should the nosy state legislature refuses to get out of the medical schools’ business about abortion, it would mean an automatic loss of accreditation and the school cannot regain its accreditation as long as such a ban on abortion, such as what HB 465 would do, remains in effect.  All medical schools in Kansas permanently lost their accreditation in 2012 due to the state legislature sticking its nose where it did not belong: in the abortion issue.

“They further state that experience with management of complications of abortion must be provided to all residents,” she said.

She said UNC doesn’t currently use any state money to perform abortions, a practice that has already been prohibited by the federal Hyde Amendment ever since September 30, 1976.

On top of that, there is already a severe shortage of doctors nationwide and in North Carolina, Corey Frost, a UNC law student who’s part of UNC Feminist Students United, said — in part because doctors in the field often are targeted for frivolous malpractice claims, receive terroristic threats and deal with verbal and violent attacks from anti-abortion terrorists like those at Operation Save America, groups of terrorists who are being protected by a terrorist sympathizing-majority in the North Carolina State government and in anti-abortion organizations.

“The incentives are not there for students to learn how to perform abortions anyway, and this (bill) would just make it worse,” he said.

Cara Schumann, co-chairwoman of UNC’s Students United for Reproductive Justice (UNCSURJ), said she’s concerned that restricting abortion education would lead to fewer doctors and fewer options for women who need the procedure.  There is only one women’s health clinic in the entire state at present – it’s in Asheville.

UNC’s OB/GYN residency is the top-ranked program in the South, Ms. James added. If the bill became law, she said it could have a very negative impact on their recruitment of residents.

Other provisions in the bill would triple an already unconstitutionally burdensome waiting period before women could receive an abortion from 24 hours to 72 hours and prevent doctors who aren’t licensed gynecologists or obstetricians from performing abortions.

The bill also requires doctors who perform abortions between 16 and 20 weeks of pregnancy to provide a detailed report to the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services, including an ultrasound, the “probable gestational age” and measurements of the fetus.

This is the first anti-choice bill the General Assembly has considered since Pat McCrory blatantly broke his promise in 2013 to not restrict women’s rights in any way by signing the motorcycle-vagina law, or SB 353.

“From the moment we got a Republican majority and Pat McCrory became governor, again and again and again they have chipped away at abortion coverage,” said Ms. Schumann. “It’s pretty heavy-handed control of our university system.”

Daily Tar Heel

Man rapes, robs woman at hotel

AIKEN — A man is wanted by the Aiken Department of Public Safety after he robbed and raped a woman at a hotel.

Deputies said that at 22:22 on Wednesday, the suspect knocked on the door of a room at the Knights Inn, a hotel located on WEST RICHLAND AV.  When the victim opened the door, the man pulled out a handgun and gunned his way into the room.

At that point, he raped the victim, and then took an undisclosed amount of cash and electronics and fled in a small car.

A composite sketch of the man believed to have committed the armed robbery and rape was circulated afterwards in local Augusta, Ga. media.

Anyone with information about the identity of the man involved is asked to contact CrimeStoppers of the Midlands at 1-888-CRIME-SC.

WFXG Fox 54

Abusive dick arrested for shooting himself in attempt to frame girlfriend for crime

SAVANNAH — A man was arrested after he tried to frame his girlfriend for a shooting.

The Port Wentworth Police Office (PWPO) said that the suspect called them to say that his girlfriend, who will not be identified here as it is determined that she is the victim, had shot him.

The woman was taken into custody for brief questioning about the incident by PWPO and Savannah-Chatham Metro Police Office (SCMPO) deputies. Deputies said that she was fully cooperative and explained the incident thoroughly.

After review of all the evidence gathered during the search of the home and analysis of statements made by the woman and other witnesses to the incident, the woman was reclassified from ‘suspect’ to ‘victim’.

Cheryl Branch, the executive director of Safe Shelter in the Georgia Lowcountry, said that the tactic of shooting oneself and framing partners for the incident is very commonly used by abusive women to control male partners. What makes this case unusual, Mrs. Branch notes, is that it was the man who pulled this tactic on a female partner instead of vice-versa.

Still, she said that this tactic is a warning sign that a relationship is abusive.

“It’s like the ultimate punishment, I’m going to have you sent to prison. I’m going to shoot myself and tell everybody you did it and that’s as twisted and crazy as it sounds, again under the umbrella of abusive relationships, it would not be a far fetched idea,” Mrs. Branch told WTOC-TV.

Matthew Okumura was then placed under arrest by the PWPO and was hit with at least ten charges:

  1. false statements,
  2. false writings,
  3. false report of a crime,
  4. possession of tools for the commission of a violent crime,
  5. unlawful possession of firearm or weapon,
  6. possession of firearm/knife during commission of certain violent crimes,
  7. criminal defamation,
  8. discharging gun while under the influence of alcohol or drugs,
  9. reckless conduct, and
  10. removal or alteration of identification marks from property.

He was denied bond on all ten charges in court the following day.

Vidalia cop suspended indefinitely without pay for rape

VIDALIA, Ga. — A young deputy for the Vidalia Police Office has been suspended indefinitely without pay after his arrest for raping a girl.

According to the Toombs County Sheriff’s Office and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, the girl and family reported the accusation of rape to the sheriff’s office on February 28. The 24-year-old deputy was placed on leave a couple of days later in March as the investigation got going.

A judge signed the warrant Thursday morning and Deputy Jeremy Achenbach, 24, turned himself in shortly thereafter.

Deputy Achenbach has been suspended without pay, and his Peace Officer Standards & Training (POST) certification has been put on hold indefinitely, meaning he can not go to work for another law enforcement agency.