Hypocrisy (and bigotry) exposed in the Coastal Empire: Woman gives flowers to serial cheaters, but not to LGBT people

by jovan1984

Florist says that being lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender is a ‘different kind of sin’


HAZLEHURST, Ga. — More bigotry against marginalized groups of people, this time in the Coastal Empire.

In an interview with the Conservative News Network, or CNN for short, Melissa Jeffcoat, a florist, admitted that she’s prejudiced against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.  She said that she serves serial cheaters like Tiger Woods, but she would not serve a faithful LGBT person.

“In the Ten Commandments, it says you can’t commit adultery,” reporter Gary Tuchman said to the florist, Melissa Jeffcoat, adding, “It says you need to honor your father and mother.”

When he asked whether she would provide flowers for an adulterer or someone who had “dishonored” their parents, she replied affirmatively.

“Well, why would you serve them but not serve someone who is gay?” Tuchman asked.

“It’s just a different kind of sin to me,” Jeffcoat replied. “I just don’t believe in it.”

Carlton Jeffcoat, her son, said that he agrees with his mother and is studying at a conservative arts school to become a Baptist minister.

He said, “I serve a God who’s higher than any Supreme Court judge, that’s called the judge of the universe.  I don’t care what anybody else says.”

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Woman writes own letter rejecting Duke U in favor of USC

COLUMBIA — When a 17-year-old woman was rejected by Duke University while spring break and the men’s basketball Round of 16 were ongoing, she wrote a letter the university in Durham would never forget.

“Thank you for [your] rejection letter of March 26, 2015,” wrote Ms. O’Dell.  “After careful consideration, I regret to inform you that I am unable to accept your refusal to offer me admission…”

Ms. O’Dell said the purpose of the letter was simply to get few friends to laugh.  However, nearly 100,000 people reblogged the post on Tumblr.

“I wanted to give colleges a taste of their own medicine,” O’Dell told CBS News.  “I had no idea the response would be this huge.”

Ms. O’Dell has went on to accept an offer to attend the USC, near the Saluda River in Richland County.

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CMPO: Man flim-flammed Girl Scouts with counterfeit bill

CHARLOTTE — The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Office is looking for a man who flim-flammed the Girl Scouts out of cookies and money.

Girl Scouts Troop 2897 said they were selling cookies outside of a Mattress Firm location on SOUTH BLVD when a man approached them asking to purchase a single box, although the cookies he had wanted remains unidentified.  They say he pulled out a phony $100 bill and asked if they could make change for the large bill.

The troop obliged and gave the man a box of cookies and $96.00 in cash.

The Troop Leader then went to an unidentified bank to deposit their earnings.  That’s when a teller halted the attempt to deposit and told the Girl Scouts Troop 2897 the banknote was a fake.

The Troop Leader then proceeded to file a report with deputies at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Office.

“It is an unfortunate situation that someone would take advantage of our Girl Scouts,” said Girl Scouts CEO Angela Woods.  “The cookie program is a fundraiser that supports our girls and we would hope that local citizens would uphold the same standards we expect of our scouts: honesty, fairness and character.”

The man, who hasn’t been identified, is still on the loose.