Man arrested after threatening to get naked in lewd manner and masturbate to girls

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SCSD caught suspect red-handed

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PACOLET — A 40-year-old man was caught red-handed by officers from the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Department after he threatened to get naked in a lewd manner and masturbate to girls he was street harassing.

A school resource officer called the Pacolet Police Office after he spotted the suspect street harassing Pacolet Middle School girls during a sports event.

The incident happened on SUNNY ACRES RD Monday evening at 18:18.

The SRO said he had observed Dalantia Owens, 40, on school property at the fence surrounding an athletic field.

The officer reported that Mr. Owens was yelling at the girls on the field, claiming he was going to get naked in a lewd manner.

Reports state Mr. Owens also got in the roadway, where he tried to stop traffic and yelled at citizens passing by.

At that point, the Pacolet Police Office and the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Department arrested Mr. Owens and charged him with breach of peace and disturbing school.

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Middle-aged nurse arrested for sexually assaulting a 15-year-old patient 27 years ago

GREENVILLE — A middle-aged nurse is behind bars for sexually assaulting a 42-year-old almost 27 years ago.

Rebecca Haney, 54, a nurse at Greenville Memorial Hospital, was arrested for criminal sexual conduct by a person in position of authority.

State law forbids sexual contact of any kind between doctors and patients.

The incident happened in 1988, when Ms. Haney was half her current age.

The Greenville Police Office said that the victim, now 42, came forward after she received counseling and help for having been a sexual abuse victim.

She told police that Ms. Haney sexually assaulted her once in the hospital and once at Ms. Haney’s home, but that there had been a pattern of Ms. Haney fondling her.  She said that Ms. Haney told her should could not tell anyone about their interaction or Ms. Haney would be fired and that she would kill herself.

The victim said she was afraid to tell anyone what had happened for many years but that she also did somewhat care for Ms. Haney.

There is no statute of limitations on sexual assault in South Carolina.


Teen murders ex-girlfriend

DURHAM — A 17-year-old teen boy has been arrested for murdering his former girlfriend of the same age.

The Durham Police Office through Chief José Lopez said that Kelton Breshon Fox and the victim were a couple.  Both were aged 17.

The victim’s body was found inside a vacant residence on TROTTER RIDGE RD.

“It’s a shame that many of our youth resort to violence to settle many of their issues,” said Chief Lopez.

The victim’s mother said that when her daughter didn’t come home Friday night, she assumed anything but the worst.  She assumed that her daughter was at a friend’s residence because Durham County Schools are, just like Barnwell County Schools, on Spring Break this week.

She never reported her daughter as missing.

“I loved her so much.  I just do not understand,” cried the victim’s surviving mother.  “I need to know why.  I need to know why.  I’m angry.”

Mr. Fox was charged with capital murder in the death.

Both Mr. Fox and the victim were juniors, let alone pupils, at Charles E. Jordan High School.