Woman staves off another woman in vicious attack

by jovan1984

Woman with name ‘Killa’ charged with attempted murder in stabbing

MYRTLE BEACH — One woman was arrested and charged with stabbing another woman who defended herself from the vicious attack.

At 4:30 today, Myrtle Beach Police Office deputies were called to the scene of a fight between friends.  The victim told police that a woman known as an acquaintance came to visit, and during an argument, she forced her way inside the victim’s home, and during the struggle, stabbed her in the back with a small knife.

The victim defended herself with a replica sword until the attacker ran off, an Horry County Police Department deputy stated.

The victim identified the attacker by the street name “Killa” or “Killer.”

According to the report, the argument was over a man ID-ed as “Game”.  Police continue to investigate this incident.

The attacker will be charged with attempted murder once she is caught.

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After outrage over Indiana’s religious bigotry law, N.C. Governor has about-face on two N.C. proposals

RALEIGH — Days after national and international rage against Indiana’s religious bigotry law, North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory (R) says he opposes both proposals his party is proposing in the General Assembly.

He told WFAE Radio in his hometown of Charlotte that he did not see the need for a broader bill that would give Christians and Catholics special rights to ignore any law they do not like.

“What is the problem they’re trying to solve?” he asked during the broadcast of the program.

“At this time, I would not sign it the way it’s written because…I don’t think you should have an exemption or a carve-out when you swore an oath to the constitution of North Carolina or to the Constitution of the United States of America,” added McCrory.

The proposal he is talking about is one senators passed that would allow magistrates opt out of performing weddings if they have a “sincere religious objection” to performing particular ceremonies.  The measure, which is now making its way through the House, is seen as a way to shield magistrates who do not want to perform same-sex marriages.

North Carolina’s constitutional amendment and a related law blocking same-sex marriages were overturned by the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals last year after the Court undid similar bans South Carolina and Virginia had on their books.  The Supreme Court declined to hear any of the overturned cases from the Circuit.

The topic of the “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” was at the center of national media attention this weekend, as leaders of companies large and small have repeatedly said they did not want to do businesses in states that pass such legislation.


Woman tries to murder man in Myrtle Beach

MYRTLE BEACH — A woman was arrested for the March 7 fight that left a man badly injured.

At 7:30 on March 7, Myrtle Beach Police Office deputies were called to the Fountain Bleau Inn for a fight involving a man and a woman.

Deputies said during the fight, the woman stabbed a man all over the body with a cutting instrument.  It is not known whether the suspect and victim knew each other.

His injuries were consistent with cut wounds.

Felicia Gladden, 28, was arrested March 9 and charged with attempted murder.  She was sent to the J. Reuben Detention Center for booking.

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