Xbox Music is now integrated with OneDrive…but only for Microsoft products

by jovan1984

REDMOND, Wash. — Some good news for Windows Phone fans finally!

After receiving bad news on the apps side for the better part of two to three weeks, on Wednesday, Microsoft released an update to the Xbox Music.  This is known as Xbox Music 2.6.674.0.

There is only one update to Xbox Music here, but it is a major update.

With this update, OneDrive is now fully integrated with Xbox Music.  However, that is only true for Windows phone, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Windows desktop/notebook/netbook/tablet devices.

If you’re running Xbox Music and OneDrive on an IPhone, IPad, IPod, or an Android desktop or Android mobile device, sorry – you’re shit outta luck here.

This update also will automatically download all tracks – up to 50,000 total – to the device when you choose Keep Playlist Offline.

Microsoft now allows OneDrive users to download up to 6.912 terabytes of music onto the cloud service, which would be 50,000 extremely high-quality songs hypothetically.

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