Coastal area woman murders husband

by jovan1984

53-year-old charged with capital murder


ISLE OF PALMS — Another week, another murder in Charleston metro.

A 53-year-old woman was arrested for murdering her husband on March 21.

The Isle of Palms Police Office said that just after 16:27 Saturday, the suspect called them and said that she had shot her husband.  When authorities arrived, they saw the victim lying on the floor with a visible gunshot wound, documents state.

Deputies said the suspect admitted to shooting the victim during an argument and said she armed herself with a handgun as the argument became heated.  The suspect also told police she injured herself with a knife after the shooting to make it appear to be self-defense, an affidavit states.

The victim did not make it through the day.

Doris Spann, 53, was arrested and charged with capital murder.  She was taken up the Isle of Palms Connector to at the Al Cannon Detention Center in the mainland of the state in Charleston.

N.C. State fraternity immediately disbanded for notebook

RALEIGH — Norman sent the message, and now a fraternity at North Carolina State is no more.

After a racist, sexist notebook was uncovered by a co-ed at NCSU last week, the university ordered Tau Chapter of the Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity to pack its bags, leave their house and shut down immediately.

“I hope today’s action makes it clear that there is no place for intolerance, sexism and racism at N.C. State,” said Chancellor Randy Woodson.  “I know the poor behaviors we’ve seen recently by a few in no way represent the strong character and values of our larger student body.  N.C. State will work hard to ensure these outlying actions never become accepted or tolerated at our university.”

It’s been a busy month for Mr. Woodson.  He suspended a different fraternity, Alpha Tau Omega, after a woman reported being raped at their frat house.

Mr. Woodson also called Wednesday for a “thorough review” of the university’s Greek system.  The review will assess whether fraternities and sororities are meeting the core values and high behavioral standards of the university, and will focus on a range of issues including sexual misconduct, substance abuse, and diversity and inclusion.

Pi Kappa Phi accepted Wednesday’s punishment and may be allowed to return to campus with new membership in January 2019.