Nudists rip apart façade of gymnophobic mom petitioners in Spokane town hall meeting + Aiken Area Progressive endorses a ‘NO’ vote on ordinance

by jovan1984


SPOKANE, Wash. — For the better part of 18+ months, three gymnophobic moms tried to lie to the people of the City of Spokane in order to assure that their proposed ordinance that grant women who are mothers special rights in the city is voted on in November, confident that they can lie, lie, lie to the people to persuade them to grant mothers like them special rights, while denying law-abiding nudists their rights and persecuting law-abiding nudists in the city altogether.

And again, this week, the mothers – Kimberly Curry, Hillary Van Akin & Beth Solscheid – tried to lie to City Council about their intentions.

Only this time, most of the speakers who actually spoke were strongly opposed to the ordinance after they took the time to read it.

“The initiative is a broad brush fix for a specific problem, which is the bikini baristas,” local nudist Kathy Smith told the council, adding, “The initiative has unintended consequences and attacks nudists who do not engage in that practice.”

Dave Smith, another nudist who is involved in local nudist organizations, told the council that some of the behaviors the initiative targets are already covered by Spokane’s municipal code, and he was concerned that all the nude events held at restaurants, bed and breakfasts and private homes in Spokane could be jeopardized if it became law.

“First and foremost, I’d like to ask you all, do you even know where the breast begins?” Kristine Brockman, another local nudist, asked the council (the correct answer: the collar bone. The collarbone is where the breast begins, according to Brockman).

Any woman wearing a tank top or a swimsuit, according to Ms. Brockman, would run afoul of the law if the initiative were passed into law. The situation is more unfair to women, she said, because men wouldn’t have the same problem.

“It completely nullifies gender equality,” she correctly said of the initiative.

City Council had four options before it. It could vote the initiative into law, refer it to voters, vote to have its signatures validated or vote to modify the initiative.

All three mothers also have an insidious reason for proposing this: they’re Mormon, according to one commenter, and Mormons are well-known for forcing their beliefs on others against their will, violating the civil rights of many other people including nudists.

KBrockman, who I believe is the Ms. Brockman in the sixth and seventh paragraphs, decided to write a more detailed post in the comments to the Inlander:

It’s not about nudists wanting to be nude in the city of Spokane. It’s not even about the baristas. The proposed ordinance is for ALL women in Spokane. If this passes, according to the ordinance, it would be unlawful for any female over the age of 10 to show more than half a breast. Where are they measuring from? Who’s measuring? The breast tissue extends from the collarbone down to the underarm and across to the middle of the ribcage. Which would mean no swim wear, sun dresses, tank tops etc for women. We would be subject to a fine. The ordinance does not exclude public pools, parks or gyms.

This whole thing is over baristas. But the proposed ordinance is a blanket order for all women. I honestly don’t believe when they were obtaining signatures for this they were upfront and honest to those signing. They kept referring to it as an ordinance for the baristas only. Not that it would effect everyone else. If it passes, they must enforce the new law as written. No exceptions for anyone. If they only start enforcing it on the baristas, the city will have a bigger issue.

Ms. Solscheid claimed that her proposed ordinance is ‘reasonable’.  She has a very backasswards view of reasonable.  Because we at AAP can tell you now: there is absolutely nothing reasonable about this ordinance she wants to shove down the throats of Spokanians against their will!

We already see the evilness and wickedness of Mormon beliefs legislated as law in Utah: that’s why all civil rights groups call Utah the worst state in the United States of America, far and away.  Indiana is the second-worst state, while Tennessee is the third-worst state in the nation.

The only reasonable thing for Spokanians to do this November 3 is to soundly defeat these three gymnophobic moms and their radical ordinance.  It is way past time for us to tell these moms and others like them: CONTROL YOUR CHILDREN, NOT OUR NUDITY!

Discrimination against nudists and naturists is every bit as wrong as discrimination against African-Americans, women, LGBT people and sex workers.  That is why we at Aiken Area Progressive strongly endorses a vote of NO on this proposed ordinance should it make it to the ballot in Spokane.

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