Yes, my religion is Nudism

by jovan1984

So, today, I finally found out about my main religion.

My main religion is Nudism.

This much I knew for over 11 years now.

But, as anyone knows: it ain’t official until you make it Facebook official.

I did just that this morning.

Nudism is the belief that nudity is natural and that the god the Nudist worships – whether that is the Christian God, the Jewish god (YHVH), the Muslim god (Allah), the Pagan god (Ishtar), or whoever the person worships as their god – make people naked because it is natural.

My belief is that unless it is absolutely necessary – as in cases of safety issues or cold weather – forcing people to wear clothes in public is wrong, dead wrong and flat wrong.  My belief is that any law that bans public nudity is an unjust law, no matter the purpose.

While I still identify as a Unitarian Universalist, as it is one of the few recognized religions (along with Pagan) that does not judge others, I also want people to be aware of my other, and true, official religion and that my beliefs about nudity in public should be treated the same way as other religious beliefs are currently being treated in the Hobby Lobby era.