Jealous Orangeburg woman slays boyfriend over text messages

by jovan1984

ORANGEBURG — Ladies, this is why we in America need to tell you that it is no longer acceptable to hit men over suspicions of affairs.  And the need to tell your daughters and sisters the same thing is also urgent.

An abusive 23-year-old woman was arrested for killing her boyfriend over a text message another woman sent to his mobile phone.

“She looked into his cell phone and saw messages of him communicating with another female and when he was confronted about those messages, that’s when the stabbing happened,” said Lieutenant Alfred Alexander with the Orangeburg Department of Safety.

The residence of Courtney Price, 23, and the infant son she shared with the victim, is still an active crime scene, cordoned off by yellow tape.

Deputies with OPS said she killed her boyfriend after seeing text messages sent from another woman to his phone.  This incident happened on Saturday.

“Once they made contact with her she informed them that there was a gentleman upstairs that had been stabbed,” said Lt. Alexander.  “Our officers went upstairs, found [the victim] laying on the floor between the bed and the dresser drawer.”

The victim was 24.  He died at the scene from the stab wound.

Ms. Price told OPS deputies that she demanded that the victim give up his mobile phone for a check of his messaging history.  She found a message from another woman who claims that he had fathered another child prior to Ms. Price giving birth to their son.  At that point, Ms. Price told deputies that she cut him to death.

“We’re not used to seeing so much so often it’s kind of got everybody up in arms about it because this is not something that we’re used to, to have two violent crimes follow each other back to back,” said Lt. Alexander.

The couple’s child is in the care of Price’s mother.

Ms. Price is charged with capital murder.  She made her first court appearance on Monday, where her bond hearing was remanded to the circuit court.  The hearing lasted around ten minutes.

The 24-year-old Myrtle Beach man is the 11th local male victim to have been slain by domestic violence to the hands a woman since November 2013, and the eighth man to have been murdered by women in the CSRA since January 1.  Time to talk to the women and girls and tell them that it is never okay to put her hands on a man for any reason.  This is getting ridiculous.

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