FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS, TOPEKA! Tell YOUR City Council to DEFEAT De La Isla’s unconstitutional ban on public nudity!

by jovan1984

TOPEKA — On Tuesday, the first reading of an unconstitutional ban on public nudity will take place, delayed from September 9 due to unforseen circumstances.

The Naturist Action Committee has sent this alert around:


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DATE: September 18, 2014

SUBJECT: Topeka, Kansas: proposed anti-nudity ordinance

TO: Kansas naturists and other concerned citizens

Attention naturists:

This is an Action Alert from the Naturist Action Committee (NAC). In close coordination with local naturist activists in Kansas, NAC is asking you to take specific action to oppose a dangerous and poorly-worded anti-nudity ordinance in Topeka, Kansas.

QUICK BACKGROUND A few weeks ago, a man was observed walking naked along a road in a sparsely populated portion of Topeka. It was a relatively slow news day, and a local TV station featured the story. CNN picked up the “news,” which included a brief interview with the Shawnee County sheriff. The sheriff advised that no state or local law prevents public nudity, unless it’s done with sexual intent, and that was apparently not the case in this instance.

Of course, that was an invitation for local lawmakers to create such a law. Topeka city council member Michelle De La Isla filed a proposed ordinance for consideration at the September 9 meeting of the council. That meeting was canceled for unrelated reasons; it will take place September 23.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Most ordinances must be presented twice before the City Council before a vote can be taken, but that’s not a guarantee. Regardless, the first presentation sets the tone. When a vote is taken after a second presentation, it’s often just a rubber stamp of the sentiment that existed after the council’s first look. It’s important for opponents of this anti-nudity ordinance to make contact NOW.

WHAT IS NAC ASKING YOU TO DO? If you are a Kansas resident, and especially if you’re a resident of Topeka, NAC is asking you to do the following TWO THINGS:

1) immediately contact the mayor and city council members by e-mail, opposing the ordinance.

2) attend the September 23, 2014, meeting of the Topeka city council. During the public comment period, you will be given the opportunity to speak against the proposed ordinance, and NAC asks that you do so.

WRITE TO THESE OFFICIALS NAC is reaching out to naturists throughout Kansas, because this proposed ordinance has a broad effect. Your comments will carry the most weight if you are a resident of Topeka.

Send your comments to Mayor Larry Wolgast and the nine Topeka City Council members:

For more information concerning the officials associated with these e-mail addresses, see the NAC web site:

WHO SHOULD WRITE? The Naturist Action Committee is addressing this NAC Action Alert to Kansas residents. Topeka residents will have the greatest impact in this matter. Realistically, if you are from outside Kansas, your input to Topeka lawmakers is likely to be discounted. If you live elsewhere, but are a frequent visitor to Kansas, or have family members there, or do business there, then please write.

WHAT SHOULD YOU SAY? When you’re writing, be polite and concise. If you are a Kansas resident or have Kansas connections, you should mention that fact. If you are a Topeka resident, please say so prominently and give your residential address. Regardless, identify yourself by name. Anonymous comments are typically ignored.

Here are some simple points you may wish to make:

1. The proposed ordinance is a solution in search of a problem. It would make bad law for the City of Topeka.

2. The proposed ordinance specifically discriminates against women by the inclusion of gender-specific language.

3. The proposed ordinance would criminalize nudity in a locker room at the gym or the swimming pool.

4. The proposed ordinance would criminalize any man who stands at a urinal in a public restroom and uses it for its intended purpose.

5. The proposed ordinance would criminalize nudity that’s incident to medical examinations in a hospital or doctor’s office.

6. The proposed ordinance would criminalize large numbers of women’s swimsuit bottoms, including those sold in Topeka shops.

PLEASE COPY NAC ON YOUR CORRESPONDENCE You can help the effort by letting us know what you’ve said. Please send copies of your correspondence to NAC. E-mail works best.

Where: City Council Chambers, 214 SE 8th Street

For talking points, see the suggested writing points, above.

WHAT IS NAC DOING? NAC is working closely on this matter with Lake Edun Foundation, a naturist retreat on the outskirts of Topeka that is affiliated with The Naturist Society. NAC has briefed leaders of the American Association for Nude Recreation concerning this issue.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION You can find additional information, including this NAC Action Alert, at or by visiting the NAC web and clicking on ALERTS.

On NAC’s Action Alert page for Topeka, you’ll find a link to the actual text of the proposed ordinance.

PLEASE HELP NAC CONTINUE HELPING NATURISTS! The Naturist Action Committee is a nonprofit volunteer adjunct to The Naturist Society, a membership organization. NAC is committed to vigorous activism on behalf of naturists. NAC has no membership roster and receives no dues money. NAC relies entirely on the voluntary financial support of concerned naturists like YOU.

Won’t you please send a generous donation to NAC?

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Thank you for choosing once again to make a difference.

Bob Morton
Executive Director
Naturist Action Committee

In addition to the six key points the Naturist Action Committee brings up as talking points, here are a seventh and eighth that you can also incorporate (if you wish): 7) this proposed ordinance also constitutes sexual discrimination against men, because women can be nude partially (when breastfeeding, while men cannot be), and/or 8) women and children are a lot more concerned about abusive men on the streets than they are about seeing naked men in public.

Anyways, the fact that Topeka has time to push a nudity ban that is totally unconstitutional while they have not restored funds to fight domestic violence shows where City Council’s priorities truly lie.

Naturist Action Committee