Councilwoman Michelle De La Isla wants to promote her bigotry against nudists, naturists

by jovan1984

TOPEKA — The bigotry against nudists and naturists continue.

This time, in Shawnee County, where some of the women – including the sponsor of the ban – are also being big hypocrites.

One of the bigots, Natasha Shamblin, went on air to condemn a man for exercising his Constitutional right to be naked in public.

“I realized he was butt naked!” she told WIBW 13 News.

While on camera, she exposed her bigotry right there and then.

“The fact that kids could be outside playing, or in their classrooms, he walked past schools, past churches,” said Natasha.

Shawnee County Sheriff Herman Jones said that it is legal, under state law, to be naked.

“I’m confused! I’m like really baffled about it. I don’t understand how is this okay?,” said Natasha.

Only one current state lawmaker even knew about this law – an omnibus law that also protects breastfeeding in public, and he was not that familiar with it, either.

“Well if they weren’t aware, you know there are so many laws, we know we have like 12 volumes, the criminal code is 21 dash whatever. I think it should be reviewed, but you know if its freedom of expression, now you are getting into freedoms that we all share,” said Republican State Representative of the 47th district, Ramon Gonzales, Jr.

“It’s really really disturbing and makes me wonder how many people are going to catch wind of this and think its okay to do that,” said Natasha.

What’s really disturbing is that Ms. Shamblin is a bigot and children will learn how to be bigoted and prejudiced against others.  It is perfectly ok and legal for men to be naked in 42 states (including Kansas), according to an investigation of state laws we did last week.  It is legal in all 50 states for women to breastfeed (a form of nonsexual nudity) and to be topless without breastfeeding (another form of nonsexual nudity) in 47 of them.

“Unless someone is exposing themselves or a sexual organ to gratify or arouse someone other than them self, it’s really not anything against the law,” said Sheriff Jones.

Furthermore, the new omnibus state law that has been criticized by some for preempting local gun laws also forbids municipalities that did not enforce nudity bans prior to July 1 from proposing any nudity bans.  But, Councilwoman Michelle De La Isla is very unconcerned about violating the new state law and the US Constitution.  She is proposing a new (and illegal) nudity ban for the capital city.  The hearing on that proposal is set for September 9.

“The ordinance was prompted by concern expressed by people who observed a man walking nude in south central Topeka within the environs of an elementary school,” according to a document that’s part of the online agenda packet.

A concern expressed by a vocal bigoted super-minority.  Most of the 127,000 people in Topeka could care less about a naked man walking up and down near an elementary school because he is not even remotely trying to cause affront or alarm.  The citizens of Topeka are far more concerned about gang violence – which De La Isla is actively promoting with her proposed nudity ban, unemployment caused by reckless tax cuts for the wealthy, fracking, aging highways and other infrastructure, and the state legislature’s War on Women.

Hopefully, that man walking naked near the elementary school can educate these bigots on why public nudity is a civil right and needs to be legalized in all US States and Territories.

And hopefully, voters will replace De La Isla in her next election with someone who actually respects the US Constitution and Kansas state law.

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