In Myrtle Beach, protesting unconstitutional ordinances infringing your God-given right to be nude nets you more jail time than domestic violence


MYRTLE BEACH — Horry County loves to call itself “family-friendly” and “moral”.

They even went as far as making it illegal to be naked inside your own home in the city in its 1993 ordinance that outlaws all forms of nudity, with the lone exception being for doctor offices.

However, here is something that you may not know.

Doing the work of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King – refusing to abide by an unconstitutional nudity ban – nets you more jail time than if you were to abuse your spouse of the opposite gender.  The jail time punishment is 3 years for violating the unconstitutional ordinance, domestic violence is only 30 days.

And Anderson’s Rock Station, Classic Rock 101.1, tweeted that above.  The punishment for animal cruelty is 12 times the length of domestic violence.

Comes to show that there is nothing moral about what S.C. is doing to people.  I’d repeal all nudity bans in the state and make domestic violence punishable for a minimum of 30 years in prison for a first-offense conviction.