Report War Machine’s disgusting Give Forward fundraiser for victim-blaming (UPDATE: It has been removed.)

by jovan1984

LAS VEGAS — Those are screenshots of a very disgusting Give Forward fundraiser that popped up sometime Saturday (probably after I had posted domestic violence victim Christy Mack’s Give Forward on here).

Yes, that is 32-year-old War Machine’s fundraiser.  As you read on Saturday, he was served the seven warrants that were out for his arrest for nearly beating his ex, Ms. Mack, 23, to death.

Not surprisingly, it is filled to the brim with victim-blaming.

The screen cuts that I did with Windows 8.1 is up there.  I’m posting the text of this disgusting fundraiser to highlight the important parts of why we at Aiken Area Progressive are demanding that this Give Forward gets taken down permanently.

I’m asking friends and fans of War Machine aka Jonathan Koppenhaver to come together as one and support a man that had no choice.

War Machine, also known as Jonathan Koppenhaver, was invited to his then girlfriend, Christy Mack, also known as Christine Mackinday’s house. He showed up early to her house he was invited to, used a key SHE gave him to enter and found another man with her in bed. He ended up fighting the man as she grabbed a knife. He fought for his life and defended himself accordingly. She has smeared his name for publicity and some attention, turning the world against him all over fairytale story. A public defender will not try his hardest to defend War Machine. We need donations for a good lawyer that will dig deep into Christy Mack’s story and expose the flaws and lies and cast doubt onto the story to prove the innocence of Jonathan Koppenhaver. Any amount of money would help. Keep him in your thoughts. Thank you.

Emphasis mine, in highlighter and bold.

And the comments under the donations are also rife with victim-blaming as well.

“Good luck to War Machine.  Mack’s story makes no sense what so ever. Hope this helps and me and many others stand by you,” said Tim Jones, who donated $30.00 to the fund.

“It’s sad how one person can ruin another persons life by telling lies.  Can’t wait for the truth to come out and set you free.  Good luck war machine,” said a coward who refused to reveal his identity or the amount he gave to the fund.

“Good luck Warmachine!  I too have been in a relationship like this and I came very close to what has happened to you.  It took my brother also to pull mew away and help my situation.. The #truth will come out! Blessings my brother,” said yet another coward who hid his name and donations.

Just mind-boggling at how they believe an abuser over a victim.

War Machine had choices: he could have just left when he saw the friend (yes, “friendzoned” people have sex too – the main aspect of the “friend zone” is that the people can’t have a relationship with each other) and Ms. Mack with each other.  Or, he could have declined the invite.  So, the notion that he “had no choice” is bullshit on its face.

As for the victim-blaming commenters, there really is nothing to say about their totally disgusting tactics.

Let’s put the crimp on this disgusting, victim-blaming Give Forward fundraiser.  Report it to the owner of Give Forward for victim-blaming.

(h/t Kitty Stryker)

UPDATE @ 15:28: Just got a notice from Kitty Stryker that the Give Forward is now gone!  Good work to all who reported this.  We sent the message that this kind of victim-blaming will not be tolerated in the slightest bit!