Woman arrested for cursing gets apology

by jovan1984

NBC 26, Augusta-Aiken, Here for You

NORTH AUGUSTA — A 27-year-old woman arrested last weekend for disorderly conduct at a business has received an apology from the woman who filed the initial complaint.

Both women decided to talk over their mobile devices with Liz Hughes from WAGT NBC 26 on the scene.

“Michelle” had only requested that the word not be used, however, a security deputy – presumably from the North Augusta Department of Public Safety – overheard “Michelle” tell Danielle Wolfe, 27, to not use the word and then came over to question Ms. Wolfe.

Ms. Wolfe admitted to using the curse word and NADPS, exercising their authority as South Carolina law allows, arrested the young mother.

Both “Michelle” and Ms. Wolfe apologized to each other on Thursday.

“Michelle” explained that hearing the language reminded her of a traumatic time in her childhood. Both women agreed they meant no harm, would never hurt anyone else on purpose and want to put this behind them.

As was mentioned in the link in the opening paragraph – and also by the North Augusta Department of Public Safety to WAGT – there is a state law on the books.  Because of that, they have no choice but to enforce it, although they hate having to do so.  In fact, many law enforcement agencies across South Carolina have openly said that they absolutely hate having to enforce laws such as “indecent exposure” for being nude in public (partially* or fully) and “disorderly conduct” for cursing in public, and that they would rather focus on actual crimes, such as methamphetamine possession, burglaries and gun violence.

They add they treated Mrs. Wolfe with dignity and released her as soon as possible.


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* by partially, definition means either in bikinis, mankinis, swimsuits or in underwear.