Gymnophobic minority spew their bigotry at Missoula Town Hall

by jovan1984

If the sight of men (and women) naked offend you more than gun violence, you are a special kind of ignorant.

MISSOULA, Mont. — On Monday, the bigots went on a parade to the Town Hall hoping to see the mayor.

They didn’t get to do that.

But, that did not stop the tens of bigots from crying their clothed tears about how “children will be scarred for life” and spewing their filth and bigotry against nudists and naturists.

“Our children will be scarred for life if they see anything like this,” said Valentine Simonovich, who obviously has no problems letting children watch violence on television and letting children see women in bikinis.

“Anybody who rides without clothing in our city should be arrested, put in handcuffs and taken to jail,” said another member of the public who was too cowardly to reveal her or his identity.

The communications director, Ginni Merriam, was there to set these bigots straight.

“Public nudity is not necessarily indecent exposure. It is not illegal, and it is not a basis for denying a permit,” said Mayor John Engen in the statement Merriam read.

Mayor Engen was in the ER caring for his mother at the time of the meeting.

And the mayor is right: public nudity is not indecent exposure.  Not in any sense of the word.  The definition of indecent exposure is: intentionally exposing the genitals under circumstances that are likely to cause affront or alarm.  In short, indecent exposure covers things like intentional erections and masturbation in public.  Simply being naked in public does not fall under the indecent exposure clause and anyone arrested for such is illegally arrested and illegally imprisoned, and those people should challenge the arrest and sue the law enforcement agency that made the arrest as well as the jurisdiction the illegal arrest took place.

Furthermore, he is also correct in saying that this is a First Amendment issue.  It is also now a 14th Amendment/Equal Protection issue with all 50 states legalizing breastfeeding as of July 1.

If nudity offends you, but not the constant stream of violence, mankinis or bikinis, then you are a special kind of ignorant.

Anyone who has a problem with nudity in public, you are a prude and you will be called out on your bigotry.  Plain and simple.  It is way past time for the United States of America to join the rest of the civilized world and legalize public nudity in every square inch of this nation!


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